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Wool hats and flip-flops

Karina & I just returned from visiting family in Florida over the holidays. Although it’s the sunshine state we did enjoy the cooler weather and getting to wear sweaters and wool hats. Personally, I have PTSD around the cold, having endured the Canadian north for part of my life. If those Floridians knew I was wearing long Johns and thermal shirts in 50-degree weather I’d be laughed out of town.

But I am out of town now, back in Costa Rica and back in my flip-flops where I belong. Speaking of which I gotta ditch the flip-flops and pull on my rubber work boots tomorrow because we’re going back to the Nest with a fresh charge and a long to-do list before us. 2024 is ramping up to be a busy year.

We’re hosting a soccer tournament this weekend, a youth conference in two weeks running simultaneously with a men’s outreach day, followed by a full women’s conference a week after that. And that’s all in the first month. Mixed in there is the arrival of 250 chickens to take up residence in our new farm yard.

Being back in the States was a sort of forced rest and relaxation, the Lord saying renew your strength… cause you're gonna need it! But we are ready and eager to get back to work. Helping us on this path is our newest ( and first ) intern, Charlotte Gribble from Australia who we are blessed to have for the next three months. We are also hosting three other shorter-term interns in the next month as well.

There’s so much to tell, I can’t give it all away in one post. Keep on reading and thank you for your interest in the Nest vision as we keep growing and expanding into what God is blessing us with.

Pray for the children most of all who will be coming to the Nest over these next few weeks, that their hearts will be open for us to pour God's love into their lives.

For all your prayers and generosity, I thank you.

With love and gratitude

James Beach


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