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What we are fighting: Spiritual Confusion

New Growth


Need for spiritual maturity and personal relationship with Jesus

Most of the girls in The Nest have come to know Jesus. They know they have a savior. The rest already called themselves Christians before we came to the BriBri community. 


But they are still very young in their faith and don’t have a personal relationship with The Lord.


Confusion between God of the bible and local deity, Sebu

After years of working with some of the girls, I discovered an attack of confusion from the devil that I had never expected. 


While I had been talking about God from the bible some of the girls had been confusing the word “God” with the local deity whom they call “Sebu” which means god in their own language. 


This was a dismaying discovery and I realized the need to go back to the fundamentals of the Christian faith and make sure we are clear in our message that “Sebu” is not the god that will be their savior. It is only the one true God of the bible who is on a whole different level.

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Tropical Leaves
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