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A rest for the Nest

I’m sitting here on the deck of the Anastasia house at the Nest watching the early morning mist glide through the tops of the trees. Bird calls of all kinds dance around my senses, punctuated with the crow of our resident rooster.

The hope for a deep cleansing sigh of calmness has finally arrived.

The last time we all met here in the blog we were in the exhilarating rush of receiving multiple mission trips, hosting large women and men’s conferences, serving hundreds of BriBri. Since then we put on two youth camps, our weekly youth outreach programs, and have started doing Sunday outreach to the small local churches to support and encourage them. Last week we bid our farewell to our 2 interns that were here for three months.

Throw into this mix the arrival and care of our 300 chickens and the continuing farming of our crops.

Somehow, with daily dependence on God all is well, and we are gratefully at peace with how His vision is progressing.

Of course, not everything runs perfectly smooth, as in running out of water in our artisan well on the first night of hosting two teams of twenty people for a whole week. But we adapted by changing the shower schedule to daily walks to bathe in the river instead, which turned out to be a highlight of their experience.

We’re also struggling to pay our staff salaries until our self-supporting endeavors take on a profit. If each of you reading this, even those already supporting us, would commit to a Monthly donation of 25-50$ ( the cost of a breakfast) we could easily overcome this need. Please pray and consider giving this small gift, offered by many as a blessing to the Nest and a rebound blessing on you as well!

And while the Nest may be taking a long-needed rest, we are by no means idle. Karina and her team are 2 months into a year-long course with a Christian institution called Casa Viva. They are the principal agency that trains every foster/adoption center in all of Costa Rica, and many other Latin countries. They are excited to join with the Nest and provide us the licensing requirements to become a government-approved children’s shelter/ home.

Additionally, Casa Viva says that we at the Nest are pioneering this training as an organization catering exclusively to an indigenous population. Our prayer and hope is that one year from now we can open our doors and step into the main vision that God has granted us. We take this mission with solemn seriousness as our hearts break each time we learn of the many cases of child abuse. We long to take in these children and surround them with the love of Jesus as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings.

Well, morning here has broken, my coffee cup is empty and I must get on with chores. The care and maintenance of our little village in the jungle is always pressing on.

Please do consider that small monthly donation.

With love and gratitude

James Beach


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