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Scenes from a film

What if our life’s were a movie? Specifically I’m thinking of the story of the Nest and its evolution. From the thick piece of jungle it was into the village it is today. From a trickle of humanity to the overcrowded flow of BriBri children and women that come into the property to work on the farm. From baby seedlings and chicks into harvested crops and eggs in a basket.

All this would be quite a wonderful time lapse of sequence, not to mention the whisper of a vision into a mission where God’s glory is praised out loud for all to hear.

Let’s take for example another scene that played out the other night. Dusk is quickly falling prey to darkness along a dusty jungle road. In the center of the frame is a young BriBri lad standing along side a blonde headed white man. They are both focused on the flat front tire of the Gringo’s motorcycle. Slowly from along side the gravel road six more BriBri men appear, all talking at once in a circle around the stricken bike. In the middle, the tall white man is pumping air furiously into his tire with a little bicycle pump, hoping against all odds that he can fix his tire and make it down to the river in time for the last canoe ferry before they close up for the night. The whoosh whoosh of the air pump, the friendly laughter of this impromptu BriBri gathering , the chatter of the jungle waking up for the night….fade out scene to black.

Ah, sometimes I have to wonder what on earth am I doing here ?! I never did get that tire pumped up as it had a gash in it, so I walked the bike back into the jungle and spend a night at the Nest. Which was perfectly fine with me. But there are so many moments like these that I’ve lost count. Times where I just have to smile and take in the wonder of how I ended up here. For one thing my Spanish has improved so much that I’m having full on conversations now thanks to an online class I’m taking and which I highly recommend ( Berges institute) Being the only white man I ever see back in the BriBri territory has also been an interesting experience.

But enough about me, the Nest is at times a beehive of activity and at others the soothing sway of a passing butterfly.

I thank each one of you readers for being a part of fabric on which this movie script is written, those of you that support us financially are the stage hands and props people, the actors on set have been here to serve at the Directors call ( God) which I suppose makes Karina & I and our staff the producers of this film for an audience of BriBri.

Well I think I’m running out of analogies so it’s time to raise the curtain and let the show begin.

With love and gratitude

James Beach


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