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Mission Statement
an introduction from The Nest founder, Karina Beach

Christ has a profound love for people. In faith, I followed His transformational leading in my own healing, in my marriage, and into the great wide world. Overwhelmed with a divine love for others to know His love, I stepped from the comfort of Christian retreats onto the mean streets of skid row in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, and into the deep jungles of the Philippines and the Costa Rican mountains. 


Wherever I went, Jesus was showing me women and children clouded in the darkness of trauma, desperately seeking a refuge that I had found in Christ. He showed me through tears that these ones mattered to Him deeply. He said to simply open up my heart and arms and allow Him to love them through me.


This God awakening for service has been quickened in my soul through my visits to the Talamanca region of Costa Rica and an indigenous tribe of Indians called the BriBri. Wonderfully sensitive and kind to a fault, these people are a forgotten and marginalized group. Enslaved and nearly wiped out by past Spanish colonization today they are ignored in the quickly developing aspirations of modern Costa Rican culture. 


Within their own community, women, although revered as the spiritual keepers of ancient traditions, are cast aside as the weaker gender and forced to endure great difficulties. There is an endemic culture of incestual sexual abuse from the ages of 5 and up, and an epidemic of teenage pregnancy grips young lives. 


Children themselves are now raising their own children.  Hurt and frightened girls who have no way to manage the PTSD from their own experiences are lost in a world of isolation and caring for fatherless families in primitive settings. 


God wants to move in the hearts of these fragile people and has called me and the Nest team to step into the gap to be a voice and bridge to his wonderful promises of love, healing and abundant life. I thank you for taking a moment to open your heart and allowing me to share the passion of Christ that He has laid on my heart. 

Meet The Team


Karina Beach



James Beach



Stephanie Harris-Yee



Katia Almengor

Director of Farming & Production


Steven Guerra


Edith Moreno

Administrative Assistant

Program Coordinator


Katiano Marin

Caretaker & Maintenance Coordinator


Khurry Bullard 

Recruitment Coordinator


Kathleen Grainger

Board Member


Kristin Miller

Board Member


Austin Miller

Board Member


Janet Ables

Board Member

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