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Boots on the ground

Join us in Costa Rica for a short-term mission trip



Our focus

The Nest is a mission with a BIG vision for what the power of God's love can do to rescue and save the lost. Your willingness to travel down to the jungle of Costa Rica is part of God's plan for the Nest and for you. Our prayer for you is this trip will have a meaningful spiritual impact on your faith journey, and we are honored to have you join us. We strive to make your time here mutually beneficial for you and our Nest team and the BriBri whom we’re here to serve.


We aim to customize each short-term mission trip to be as individual as those who choose to join us. We do not want to simply be “ tour guides” but instead have you bring your unique spiritual gifts and talents to share with the BriBri. Arts, crafts, and sports are great tools that bridge cultural and language barriers and create an experiential space for everyone.

Adult Mission

Come as a group for 1 week to help run a Women/Children's Conference with Children 8 and under. 


Missionary Training

Come as an individual for 6-12 weeks to experience missions work in the field by serving in all the various Nest ministries.


Youth Adventure Mission

Come as a group for 1 week to help run a children's camp with ages 8-13, 13-17, or both.


Executive Visitors

For visitors coming with a special mission such as medical clinics or funding evaluations.



Your spiritual growth

We absolutely love the heart of Christian service that folks like you arrive with, and are ready to pour out on others. It’s what makes short-term mission trips so dynamic..all these Christians in one place with a shared purpose! The Nest team wants to tap into and encourage your spiritual path, wherever you are on it.


To accomplish this we encourage team members to attend a time of praise and prayer each morning before we head out from the Bambu base and as well participate each evening after dinner to debrief and share in a team fellowship time.


We also recommend journaling as a great way to go deeper with God as you are on this brief adventure. Many times just being out of your normal routine can enlighten you to the Holy Spirit's guidance for your life. This time at the Nest is really about preparing YOU to go back home to your local church and busy life with a renewed perspective. Taking full advantage of the fellowship time will deepen your bond with Jesus and other believers.

One last note, begin praying for your trip today, even if it’s 6 months away. Casting your hopes and prayers forward is a great way to follow God's will for your short-term mission experience.

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Interested? Get in touch to find out more

If this kind of short-term missions trip is something that you or your church might be interested in participating in please just send us an email at:

We will send you more details asap.

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