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Hope for the Holidays

As many of you know already the Nest team has been supplying monthly food donations to 12 large families since the pandemic began. This shift in how and where to apply our supporter's love offerings has proved to be such a cycle of blessing for everyone involved.

From the smiles on young kid's faces to parents in need reaching out and finding a helping hand. For our Nest team on the ground in Costa Rica, I’m thrilled at seeing them express the joy that comes of being of service and working as a team. This has been an incredible opportunity to reach into the community and represent The Nest.

Most of all I want to give heartfelt gratitude to our monthly supporters, who were more than willing to have their financial contributions diverted from the core mission of The Nest, in order to look after the needs of so many families throughout the pandemic. Kele, Do Good Ministries, Jim & Olivia, Mark LeMarie & Shawna LeMarie, Stephanie Semi Agrella and Donovan and Linda Reitz. Today the team is delivering our last food offering to the families and we’ve been blessed to have enough to stretch the funds to give each of the kids a wrapped gift for Christmas. I know they will each be met with huge smiles and hugs.

Stay tuned to our website for future blogs and announcements as we move into 2021 and begin to focus our time, contributions, and efforts back into our core venture of seeing a shelter and school being built for the abused women and children of the BriBri. This will only be accomplished by the provisions of God’s love thru your prayers. Our food ministry has certainly gone a long way in building trust and personal relationships with the community, which is foundational in accomplishing this work from a grassroots point of view.

Thank you once again to all of you who have generously given of your money, prayers, interests, and time. Together we are doing great things.


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