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Fixer Upper

Hello everyone! We have great news to share and a small need to fill.

I got the green light to go back to the mission field (I actually didn’t get it... I stole it )

All this with a massive promise of being carful, safe and in integrity regarding Covid-19. So I promise you that I and my team will be % following the safety guidance.

Ok this is the good news ... we are finally renting a space (a tiny and humble house to meet our need of a base camp ). We are renting it from a local BriBri family friends... the house needs some TLC and some repairs... see pictures below.

In normal circumstances I would not be rushed into doing any repairs or work (the Nest team and myself are used to happily staying in more humble places ... except that James my handsome and handy husband is coming with me and he can do a lot of the work for us ... also there is a possibility that we get help from a youth mission team for one day to help us paint and clean... all of this is great news right!

God has already (even before I knew I was going back) been working the dates, plans and people to help welcome us back to work and help us to create our first base Nest for our local team...

I have to be honest, we don’t have the funds to buy any of the materials or the funds to make the monthly rent “but I believe God has a perfect plan and time” and maybe you can help us!

We are creating a week long fundraiser and I’m giving you a link to the Nest amazon wishlist for you to choose any item you would like to donate.

These are the specifics of our immediate needs:

  • A small fridge, stove and propane tank and paint: $476.28.

  • The first year’s rent (if you are interested you can help us by making monthly donation towards this rental “message me privately, and I will let you know how to donate... any amount would be greatly appreciated)$2400.

  • A small amazon wish list with some needed tools and supplies to paint.

Also! Here is a first time public disclosure... I believe God wants us to move to Talamanca permanently, we have set up a moving date for the summer of 2022.

Thank y’all again for putting up with me and my unending request for funds and help and prayers... believe me this part of my work is the most difficult of it all !!! I have to constantly practice faith, humility and vulnerability.... and because I believe in what I’m doing I ask you to join me in bringing Heaven to earth and to help us the Nest team build a home for girls to be loved and a safe space for their right to have peace . God bless,


A special tour of the Bamboo Basecamp!

Part 2


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