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So THAT'S what rain looks like!

Well I’ve landed in rainy Costa Rica. And for my friends living in drought ridden California, the rain sure feels great. Everything so green and lush.

After driving south out of San Jose with my missionary friends Janet & Jay from Esther Movement, I’m now on my own among new friends at the YWAM base in Puerto viejo.

A warm welcome in God’s extended family down here as settled and gladdened my heart as I turn to the days ahead. Tomorrow I’ll be meeting with my contact down here, a woman who works for the Costa Rican child protective services, to expand on my longer term goals for The Nest. I’ll also be reunited with the all women’s worship band, who will be graciously ministering at the Nest retreat. 

So excited to seeing all the pieces come together. Thank you YWAM Puerto Viejo, for making me feel loved and at home!

Talk with you soon!


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