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The sky is falling

There are two seasons down here in southeast Costa Rica, wet and wetter. Right, we’re in the wettest of the wet. Daily deluges turn tranquil streams into torrents and footpaths to mud baths. But we take it all in stride and praise God even though it makes life a little more difficult at times.

Some days we’re able to pray away the rain and such was the case yesterday for our big Christmas party at the Nest. We were gifted with 128 children who gathered to hear the good news of Christmas and receive each one a present. We are so grateful to the churches that donated the funds for this event to take place It was such a wonderful experience to see all the children having so much fun

But the adventure of the day wasn’t finished with us yet On our way home our jeep blew a radiator hose and so there we were stranded on a darkening jungle road waiting for help to arrive. Eating oranges to pass the time, we were rescued with a tow by none other than our old van Betty. Those of you who’ve read my previous posts will remember Betty was our first vehicle down here which we gave back to its owner because she ( Betty) always left us broke down. So it was kinda ironic that she’s the one that towed us home.

It seems that these roads are especially hard on our old cars and we dream of the day when we can afford more reliable transport with newer vehicles

In other news at the Nest, we’ve completed our farmhouse project for the chickens which will be arriving in early January and we are so excited to get that started. But before that takes place Karina and I will be headed back to Florida for a short visit with family and to take in a little bit of cooler and hopefully drier weather

In upcoming posts, I will reflect with you on all the blessings that 2023 brought on the Nest and vision cast with you on the hopes for the new year to come.

I trust and pray that you all have a great Christmas and find the abundant joy that this season of Christ brings to the world.

With love and gratitude

James beach


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