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The next stage begins

The visits to Yorkin, Suretka and Cachabri were very fruitful. We met with established micro-business own and run by BriBri women , and learn that they know about the physical and sexual abuse women and little girls have and are enduring... and are fed up with it! We found out that they have the heart, courage and willingness to teach and help our young single moms friends and their kids. So I pray that we can become a bridge for this people, to support this connection and trainings and to reach out the entire new generations of BriBris. I believe it can be done! Not to change their culture or westernize their land. But to support them in a journey to bring education, tools, skills and safety to nurturing tho kids so they can grow up loved and protected for their right to peace.

We also met this all woman worship band that so graciously offered their time and talents to open and close in worship our women,s and their kids retreat.

Tomorrow we are going to visit a all girls foster home in Limon , this place is run by Costa Rica’s Social service and its purpose is to house girls that have been taken from their home due to neglect and or abuse.  We are going to visit 3 BriBri girls housed there. Our prayers is to learn about them and to bring them hope.

Canoe ride back to Bamboo where Jay is picking us up.


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