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The momentum of the Christmas story

I don’t mean to add to your post-holiday blues with this post, but I would like to remind myself of the whole reason behind the reason of the season. In the gospel of Matthew, in the very same chapter about the birth of Jesus we see an overwhelming evil brought down on the town of Bethlehem. King Herod decreed that every baby boy in the region to be murdered before their wailing mothers eyes. This unspeakable horror is part of the Christmas story, as Mary and Joseph had to flee into Egypt with their newborn to escape the carnage. In the season of “glad tidings of joy “I often overlook the darkness of sin that Jesus came to rescue and save us from.

Karina and I were sadly reminded of this reality a week before Christmas with the news that a young BriBri mother of four young children was killed by decapitation by her boyfriend, leaving four orphans to be cared for by their aging grandmother. And once again we yearned to be ready to receive them at the Nest. We are getting so close to being able to do just that, provide a shelter and offer hope from hardship to so many needy kids. We are expectant with anticipation as we approach the tribal government and child protective services with our mission in just 2 weeks from today. Please pray for God's provision that we can be a referral place to receive these kids.

In other news, we received over 120 kids on Dec 24th for a gift-giving, praise, and worship time at the Nest, our biggest crowd yet! And it was so much fun to host so many kids at once. Thank you to Cityview church for providing the funds to buy all these children a gift for Christmas. We were able to share the good news of Jesus, eat hot dogs and fries, and the weather was perfect.

Now as we enter the month of January we have a busy schedule of weekly day camps on each Saturday with lessons, and soccer, and movies, and more hot dogs!

We are keeping busy, with two houses built and two more on the way, bringing in our crops and raising funds for a farm there’s never a dull moment. Check out our homepage for more info on buying a chicken or pig for the Nest. Thank you for joining us on this adventure and we look forward to updating you on more happenings in the near future. God bless you all in this new year.

With love and gratitude



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