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The green jungle bus

She might not look like much, but she’s our first little bus.

With a strong diesel in her belly, we happily anticipate the service of ferrying our BriBri Nest team to and fro in Talamanca.

Thanks to your financial support we’re putting wheels in the ground. The purchase also blesses the seller, a dear friend to the Nest ministry and local tour guide.

As we assimilate into the community and make final preparations to move permanently down to Costa Rica we feel fortunate to have our first means of transportation. Pray with us, and as your heart moves to give, we are also looking for the means to purchase an everyday car and a dirt bike to get around on the rough and very sketchy roads of the reservation.

We will accept any donations for this purpose, and hey if you have a vehicle you’d like to donate to the Nest, we can even ship it down to Costa Rica. There are so many details to us moving our life to the jungle, and only with your help can we confidently begin to live and work in the midst of the BriBri community.

Vroom vroom!! We’re so excited to hit the road.


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