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Tarzan & Jane don't swing from vines no more...

Well my friends, I've discovered that the main way of getting around down here are either wooden dug out boats or motorcycles, sometimes both at the same time! And in between a lot of walking on muddy paths and dirt roads.  I feel strong, although have many bug bites and a few other bumps I'm not sure where they came from. 

My friends here have been so gracious and kind, excellent hosts and looking after me well.  I've had so much fun with the little children, as well as deep and meaningful discussions with the women of the village.  Saturday and Sunday I spoke to a large (60 +) congregation at the church, and was moved by the spirit to speak of the difficulties and abuses that the women and children are enduring.  The men are tough to crack, and I haven't been able to make contact with them, although they did listen. 

The women feel heard and empowered to do more to protect their children.  The abuse is so ingrained into the culture, and it saddens me to see them accepting this fate as hopeless and the children having so much need without insight into any way out.  I have to simply love them one at a time, and commit this work to Jesus, as He sees into their hearts and longs to meet their needs. 

I feel privileged to be here and share the hurt, to listen and care about what their struggles are and to encourage them that  there is a God and a larger family that care and want to help.  Thank you all for your prayers. 

Today, Monday I venture even further up river to meet a community of BriBri women that have had a tremendous impact in they're reservation and have a prospering school and church.  more to come after that visit.  And then the much anticipated women's retreat I've been planning is fast approaching this upcoming weekend. 

I have a prayer request for a driver and bus to get the 12+ women from the river to the retreat house and back for Friday and Sunday.  Let's pray for that to happen.

Day 2. Hiking out of first village in my way to the river. Saturday morning. I just crossed this very unstable bridge carrying my 25 pounds backpack

On the boat!

Medicine/tribal council hut

Arrived at the village

Village dwelling

On the way to Soki (a town at the end of the road.... and trough a bridge to the other father side of the mountain

On the way to Soki

BriBri child

Christian Church and kids

Christian Church and kids

My humble bed


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