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Synergy of Spirit

We’ll the Nest was a beehive of busyness this weekend as we kicked off our fall season of conferences. The women’s conference saw 93 women & children make their way to us for a two-day conference. Prayer and praise filled the air, mingling with children’s play and laughter.

We were blessed to have a team of women from Texas arrive with hearts full and ready to share themselves in service to the BriBri. And the preparation involved really united our Nest team as we readied the grounds and provisions needed to host such a large crowd at the Nest. I'm pleased to say that very few things didn’t go according to plan, I think we’re getting better at this sort of thing! But it also reminded all of us of the importance and peace that comes from leaning on Jesus to accomplish His kingdom's plans.

To see young and old ladies have a safe place to come together really demonstrates that God is blessing the Nest as a transformational beacon of light in the community. And that’s a big deal.

Meanwhile, this week as our team takes some needed time off, the crops are doing well, our first two chickens are making babies and our rain barrels are being replenished.

I think the big takeaway for me this weekend was the synergy of teamwork when we all work together to see a common purpose fulfilled. United in a spirit of love everyone from the cooks to the cleanup, from the worship leaders and speakers we labored together to create a space where God would be glorified and that’s an awesome place to be.

With love and gratitude

James Beach


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