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Soaking wet Gospel shoes!

 It's been 1 week now since I last wrote you last from the Puerto Viejo YWAM base.  Since then I have crossed rivers in canoes and up to my waist in fast flowing waters.  I've ventured into new and deeper parts of the jungle mountains to discover vibrant communities of Christian churches and the love and welcome of these beautiful, shy people.  

Last week our team held a children's bible school for ages 4-12.   Each morning for 3 hours we welcomed about 35 kids to a time filled with singing, crafts, games and the gospel message.  We were blessed to bring 27 of them to a saving knowledge and born again life in Christ. 

Pray for these dear fresh Christians, that they would be assured that God watches over them. 

In addition I lead a women's small group study on Thursday and Friday afternoon.  I am bringing  a book study by Joyce Meyers called "Perfect Love".  I will continue this study with these women (about a dozen) this week also. 

I can feel my heart swell with God's love for these women and their children and feel a sense of the overwhelming compassion that Jesus has for them.  I am so thankful for God fulfilling His purpose for them through me in ministering to them.  What a privilege to be here. 

The time here  has also been full of bugs and mosquitoes, strange bites showing up on my legs, rushing rivers, lots of walking in dense jungle paths, temperatures in the mid 90's with humidity at 100%.   Amazing vistas of cloud shrouded mountains and some  moments of fear, as I come face to face with the enemies of God.  As Jesus said, if I am persecuted and face trials, He faced these before me, and will surround me with his love and protection.  Leaning into these fears and trusting in the hope of God's promises as been a real breakthrough and fortifies my faith each day.

This past weekend I visited a very remote village called Namu Woki (it means tiger's head).  Not even the catholic missionaries have made it here.  I was delighted to find a vibrant Christian church pastored by a BriBri couple for the past 13 years.  Each week they make the day long trek to this village and minister to it from Thursday to Sunday, simply lead by the Holy spirit. 

Jungle Church

Jungle Cooking

They have so few resources and training, but still they show up and let God do the leading.  The church is a wonderful, well built, clean space.  The services are lead by a small band of teenage boys with drums, and guitar, which the whole village sacrificed and donated the small amounts of money they could pull together to purchase the instruments.  The worship time last 2 hours!  The congregation consists of 70 adults and about 25 children.  They offer services each day in both Spanish and BriBri. 

I was asked to share my story and speak God's word to the whole congregation, and had to have a translator for each service from my Spanish into BriBri.  I spoke about the sexual abuse occurring to the women and children, and encouraged them to ask for and protect their children from this sad reality.  Once again as usual I felt the connection from the women, as they acknowledged and thanked me for bringing this wound into the light where it can heal by the grace and love of God. 

Thank you for your prayers and for caring enough to follow this ministry.  The building of community amongst the team of BriBri and Tico women has been such a blessing.  We are bonding and sharing in our love for these vulnerable people, and continue to seek God for where He is leading us with The Nest.  Thank you again for sharing and being vital members on this journey.  more to come...

In Christ,

Karina Beach


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