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Say what?

Today I asked my coworker for a saw and got a hammer instead. He then asked me for the measuring tape and instead I gave him a nail.

This comedy routine is my new daily life at the Nest these days. Katiano, the young BriBri man who lives full-time up at the Nest is our groundskeeper, and together we make an unlikely duo. From random tasks to the many smaller projects and goings on at the Nest, like Frick & Frack, with a significant language barrier, we seem to work it out. I feel like I’m learning a new language in a vital way. Karina no longer needs to speak for me when I go to the hardware store, and I’ve had some breakthroughs in my ability to speak my mind in Spanish.

It’s a far cry from the medical Spanish I used on my patients as a nurse. I used to tell them that I needed to draw their blood when what I was really saying was "I wanted to DRINK their blood."

Things have gotten better. Not as fast as I’d like it, but much improved.

Which brings me to one big thing in regard to the Nest. Most of you have been following these posts of mine for a while now. You know the journey. At the Nest, we love to dream big. Big like God can. There’s this incredible burst of joy and hope in the possibilities, it’s as if He has given us a brand new imagination to explore His love for others. And the need for Christ's love is so very much needed here.

So as we dream big, I need you, the faithful few who read my words to do something big for the Nest. Are you ready?

Talk about us with the people in your lives. Spread the word any way you can. Pray for an opportunity to share us with others. We’d love the company, and we need you to recruit for our ranks.

Presently at the Nest, we are building the foundation to be financially self-sufficient in the future, but in the here and now we are praying for and seeking capital investors to get us there. We’re confident that God Will continue to grow His mission here and we want to invite you to share in the victory. So tell your friends about The Nest, and then they’ll tell their friends and so on.

So mucho gracias for volunteering to be Nest influencers, welcome to the gang.

Here’s a link you can send your people to get started

With love & gratitude

James Beach


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