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Prayers for Phase 2... "A Home~A Nest"

Hello ya’ll!

I’m so excited 💃🏽 to inform you (and ask for your prayers...)

There are a lot of things happening and moving us forward with our @TheNestCR project!

God is moving in powerful ways and I’m just in awe of His Greatness!

I’m traveling to Costa Rica on October 16, Katherine and the team on the ground are getting ready with an amazing program for the children, dogs, and cats (for us animal lovers... ) 😬 of the village...

Ok here is the news, this is why we need extra prayer~

Our team is going to go see a property inside the reservation 😱with the intention of starting to pray 🙏🏽 and if lead... moving forward 🏇 towards the second phase of the project:

“A Home - A Nest”, where single moms, children, and young girls can go, and find refuge, love, and education, safety and protection from sexual abuse. For their right to peace.

Well, what do you think? (Please write us your insights

All of this is in God’s hands... and in humility, we are just along for the ride 🧗🏼‍♂️. We ask for your prayers; for safety, to be blessed and to be a blessing, to have fun and for discernment.

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