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Planting baby trees in an ancient forest

Imagine you are a little baby sapling fruit tree, planted in a forest of giants. How intimidating right?

What heights to aspire to as you peer up from the ground to the towering companions around you. But you know in your little tree heart that someday soon you’ll take root in the rich earth, and bear sweet and fresh fruit.

With the earnest care of our Nest gardener Katia, we have successfully planted 300 trees in an area of the property reserved for sustainable farming.

Our goal at the Nest site is to provide a means of feeding ourselves and the women and children that will soon be arriving at their new home. We want to teach and provide the future Nest inhabitants the value of a working farm environment, as a companion to the communal and spiritual formation in the hearts and minds of these traumatized children.

Food-producing trees like bananas, yuca, orange, mango, passion fruit, pejivalle, and many more, will not only nourish us with healthy food but also in turn be a source of income as we harvest and sell the goods to local markets. That’s our intention into the future, and we’re very excited to see the start of this happening.

There are many angles to establishing a vibrant community, and we feel blessed to have the dedicated and inspired effort of our resident farmer Katia. As we grow we will be adding livestock like chickens and pigs to the farm.

We can’t wait to share updates with you on all these developments so stay tuned and a big thank you again for your loving care and support.


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