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Our Summer Newsletter

“Bringing the profound love of Jesus Christ to the BriBri tribe and providing

a safe, loving, and Christ-centered shelter to protect the children from sexual abuse.”

Dear Family and Friends, God continues to amaze us with the blessings He brings to The Nest. The ministry began with the vision to provide a shelter for the sexually abused BriBri children and has expanded to include ministry to the entire BriBri tribe. Since January 2023 we have watched God provide healing by uncovering the root issues of abuse and changing the hearts and minds of all. We are excited to partner with Him and we are thrilled you have chosen to join us. There are so many new things to share so we have decided to send this quarterly newsletter to keep you more informed on progress at The Nest. Now onto the exciting news of the year …

Developments at The Nest

Self-Sustaining Farm: In order to generate some of our own funds to help support the programs at The Nest, we’ve planted 150 banana trees, 150 cacao trees, 70 moringa trees, and 350 vanilla bean plants (with 650 in the nursery preparing to be planted). We are also harvesting bees for Melipona honey. And, we have 250 coffee plants and over 80 types of plants, vegetables and fruit trees for consumption at The Nest. In June, the Ministry of Labor through the Aditibre (The BriBri Indigenous Government) approved a $10,000 grant to cover labor costs in building our chicken farm project. This includes a chicken coop for up to 200 birds, an overseer’s house with a bathroom, a second water well system for the livestock, fencing for the entire production area, and landscaping. We are grateful for all who helped meet the $4,500 fundraising goal to cover the cost of materials and the purchase of the first 100 chickens. Our prayer is to raise additional funds to cover the cost of management of the farm until it becomes self-sufficient. Emergency Housing: We are excited to announce we have been approved to move forward with the plan to provide emergency shelter for children.This is a major accomplishment. Two homes (Anastasia and Cityview) are complete with another one (Friends of The Nest) finishing soon. We will open the Anastasia house in September for one child or one set of siblings as we develop a program that effectively meets the needs of these children. We will open the remaining houses and take children on a permanent basis beginning in 2025. We pray God will lead us as we develop a strong Christ-centered program and He will prepare the hearts of the future house parents.

Community Outreach for Children & Youth

Youth Camp: In April 38 youth attended our first overnight camp where they enjoyed 3 days/2 nights of extracurricular activities in a safe environment not otherwise available in the community. The activities included a soccer tournament, dance workshops, English classes, arts and crafts, a bonfire, and bible studies.The camp’s purpose was to reach the youth with the gospel and provide Christian role models. We know God did a mighty work in all who attended and are pleased to announce 14 of the youth made decisions to accept Christ!! We were thrilled a member of the BriBri tribe, Steven Guerra, joined us to jumpstart our youth program and look forward to him leading more camps and youth events in the future. He is a graduate of YWAM and has a heart to bring the gospel to his people. We were blessed to have the Breath of Life Dance Ministry from San Jose also join us for the three days. Of course, we are always thankful for our sweet Edith who is on staff and loves working in any capacity we ask. Our prayer is to have more youth camps in the future and have more groups come to help us with these events.

Youth Weekly Discipleship Program: We began a weekly discipleship program with the 14 youth who made decisions during camp to teach them how to navigate and study their bibles and have an authentic relationship with Jesus. We are currently working through the Discovery Bible Study and watching The Chosen series. This has been a great opportunity for these young believers to feel comfortable to ask vital questions. We offer other fun activities and provide lunch before they head home to share what they are learning. Our prayer is that God will raise up BriBri leaders through this discipleship program who will have a profound effect in their communities.

Youth Outings/Field Trips: We took two field trips in July to give the youth an opportunity to see life outside of the BriBri community and to teach some valuable lessons. We went to the beach for some fun in the sun. Another day we went to an Animal Rescue Center where they saw monkeys, sloths, iguanas, macaws, and other birds for the first time in their lives. The youth were taught about the endangerment of these animals that once lived in their territory. Our prayer is that we will be able to plan more fun and educational outings. VBS: We held three VBS events on Saturdays in January for all children and youth. These were fun filled days of bible study, dance workshops, soccer tournaments, and teaching on various topics. A veterinarian taught on how to care for pets and an apiculturist from Api es Vida, (an organization that provides bee keeping training and products), taught about the importance of bees and the need to bring them back into the territory. We also had the Breath of Life Dance Ministry teach dance workshops and an English teacher to work with the children/youth. Our prayer is to continue to offer these VBS Saturdays to bring the gospel and to teach important aspects of making their communities better.

Adult Community Outreach

Men Conferences: James, Steven, and Katiano led the first Men’s One Day Conference in April with 13 men in attendance and another one in June with 28 in attendance. We will be hosting another conference before the end of the year. The purpose of this program is to reach men in the community with the life-changing gospel, to offer them the opportunity to experience the healing power of Jesus, and to provide teaching and support for healthy behaviors. We know God was doing a mighty work in the hearts of these men because they were able to share their stories and ask for prayer. With more resources, we will be able to reach more BriBri men.

Women’s Conference: In January the ladies from Anastasia Baptist Church, St Augustine, FL, did a fabulous job in helping us host a women’s conference where women were encouraged, strengthened, and honored. Cityview Bible Church will be hosting another event in October. Our prayer is that more churches will sponsor groups to come speak into the lives of these women who have been abused and oppressed.

Fundraising Opportunities

Chocolate Fundraiser Parties: The Nest is growing (as you can see) and we want to continue expanding these programs to reach more of the BriBri community. We are heading to the US for our summer fundraising events and will be visiting churches to give updates and having chocolate FUNdraisers. Here is our schedule for this summer… Florida - July 24th - August 17th & August 28th - September 14th California - August 10th - 13th (James only) Texas - August 17th - 21st Our fundraising parties will consist of pairing goodies with chocolate and making yummy chocolate bars with cacao from the Finca Dila farm in Talamanca, Costa Rica. Our prayer is that the fundraising will be successful as it is being led by the Spirit. Again, we are so grateful you are partnering with us as God unfolds all the plans for The Nest. We covet your prayers and feel extremely blessed to have financial support from our Donors and Supporters. Without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you SO much for your continued generosity. Please be sure to visit our website for updates in the Media and Blog section as well as the fundraising opportunities so we can continue to offer wonderful programs. Thank you! Gratefully, Karina and James Beach And The Nest Crew


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