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Men at work

Usually, the sound of men working at the Nest involves grunting as they labor under heavy loads, chainsaws ripping away at trees, hammers thwacking, or machetes slicing thru the air.

This past weekend however the sight and sounds of men at work was a chorus of BriBri men singing praise & worship, praying together, and sharing a “man-made” meal In fellowship.

The first-ever men’s conference hosted at the Nest! We were delighted to have some guys come out from the Teen Challenge recovery center to share testimonies and their pastor Max give a teaching from the Word. All of it was organized by a young BriBri man named Steven, whom Karina and I sponsored thru the YWAM program a couple of years back. He is currently mentoring at the Nest. To see his heart and leadership aimed at giving back to his BriBri community was a real answer to prayer. What a blessing to see hands raised in the spirit of worship and laying on each other in prayer.

In general terms, the village churches inside the BriBri territory struggle to have strong Christian men in attendance, as many of the congregations are mostly women and kids. Our hope is that we can have more outreaches to the men, while holding true to our core mission which is a Nest built for the women and kids in the community.

The saying that “it takes a village “ is so true as we realize that to effect real change we need to enlist help and encourage everyone around us to a unity in the Spirit.

The sounds of men at work continues at the Nest as we undergo new construction projects on a daily basis, we hope to add to that the chorus of voices singing praises for the good things He has done and is continuing to do for us. Your prayers and support are of immeasurable importance to The Nest, so thank you.

In love and gratitude

James Beach


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