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Let go and let God

Howdy doody from Texas! We’ll we’ve wrapped up our fundraising campaign for the year. From Florida to California we’ve crossed the country spreading the word of the Nest to nearly two thousand people by means of church speaking and our chocolate parties.

It’s been challenging to bring the difficult stories of the abuse the BriBri children endure, but we are committed to giving them a voice, and waking folks up to the truth. It’s so comfortable to remain complacent or to pretend that somebody else will solve the problems of the world, but God has asked us to be His hands & feet and so Karina and I have been unapologetically bold in asking people to partner with the Nest and join us in what God is doing in Costa Rica.

We’ve met some wonderful new friends, and enjoyed Spirit fellowship as we’ve shared our hearts with them.

We want to especially thank our hosts Maryanne in Florida, Nathan , Sarah & Tony in Cali, and James & Leanne in Texas, that have put us up and opened their homes for the chocolate parties, which we’re a lot of fun. These beloved friends really stepped up and became fellow team members of the Nest once again and we are so thankful for them.

Telling people of all the blessings and progress at the Nest has been easy and we are grateful to see the many fruits of our labour. But now that the seeds have been planted we are called to patiently wait on Him for the answers and funding required to continue our work. We’ve only received 10% of our fundraising goal needed to run the Nest through 2024. In many ways this is the hard part. In our humanness we want it NOW! But Christ asks us to trust in Him, to incline our hearts and leave everyone and everything to Him. And so we pray, and listen taking once again another step in faith, day by day.

From here in Texas we are going to spend a little time with family In Louisiana then Ohio before returning to Florida for one last week of medical checkups and rest.

We find ourselves longing to get back to the Nest and all our friends down there , to savor the atmosphere of teamwork and shared vision which we’ve grown to love so much.

Letting go and letting God.

With love and gratitude,

James beach


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1 Comment

Antonia Fuller
Antonia Fuller
Sep 22, 2023

I feel inspired by the faith you have and the work you do

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