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Leaving an impact

Over the last couple of years that I’ve been at the Nest, I’ve witnessed so many folks come & go and seen them leave an impact with their visit. It seems the Nest is always waiting for the right people to come along at the right time. Karina & I have seen our prayers answered on so many occasions, that the Nest would be open to a wide variety of expressions be it spiritually or otherwise.

One such individual who recently left her mark is my niece Mackenzie who was on the tail end of a six-month missionary adventure to Belize and Uruguay. In the week she spent here with us , she transformed our bathroom walls into works of art complete with Bible stories and truths. We feel so blessed to have had her young creative energy expressed in such vibrant colors. And despite her hard work, she found the time to host a soccer training class for a dozen BriBri girls on one of her days off. It’s that kind of Christian devotion to God's work that we are so pleased to welcome at the Nest.

I also think of the Gribble family visiting from Australia who were single-minded in helping us at the Nest, as well as countless others on various mission trips, who have fallen in love with the project and want nothing more then to leave behind a contribution after they leave.

We invite you with open arms to come on down for a visit and to leave your own individual impact and love for Jesus, so we may all share together in reaching out with love to the BriBri women and children whom we're here to serve.

With love & gratitude

James Beach


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