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Grace finds beauty in everything

Beyond global news headlines, the reality that our world has universally changed as a result of COVID has become a personal story for everyone on the planet. The obvious fear of death, the heartbreak in grief, and uncertainty of financial chaos. Also mixed into this pandemic picture are the heroic stories of those on the frontline, the blessing of time spend in rest with family at home, and the refreshing pause that nature is enjoying from the absence of human activity.

To be sure there’s a lot of “noise “ but in the rancor of it all, there can be found a beautifully sweet melody for a heart that leans towards Grace.

The tree branches on which our Nest vision rests upon, have been pulled back for us to see where we can be of good use and purpose in the reality of “ what is” at this moment in time.

Travel restrictions have prevented Karina and I from moving to Costa Rica to set up shelters, and further the core mission of the Nest in protecting the BriBri women and children from sexual abuse.

The results and collateral damage of economic lockdown, however, has exposed a new and desperate situation for those who were already living in poverty. If there is such a thing as a negative quotient for the poor, there are millions of poverty-stricken populations that are living in that terrible calculus in real-time. Our dear ones in Talamanca are caught in this picture as well.

Not only is the BriBri nation cut off from the economy, but our own Nest team on the ground in Costa Rica are threatened with the disharmony of lost income to put food on their own tables, let alone bringing love gifts and encouragement to the BriBri Indians themselves.

And yet that is exactly what is occurring. In our coordinating efforts, the Nest team has been delivering much-needed food supplies to those in greatest need within the BriBri nation.

We’ve been prayerfully asking God how we can still be of use despite our forced distance from the reality on the ground in Costa Rica. His answer is a humbling response. He is already and always at work. Nothing can stop what He aims to accomplish.

In that spirit, we are diverting all of our supporter's monthly funds to help our team put food on their table and pay the rent for their homes, as well as supporting their efforts to deliver food and care packages for the poor.

What an amazing gift it’s been to see where our hearts go to when we lead with our treasure. Grace finds beauty in everything.

Karina, me, our USA based Nest team, along with our Nest team in Costa Rica are filled to the brim with joyful purpose and gratitude for our faithful financial and prayer partners who are sharing in this blessing. Know that each one of you is doing great things for real families experiencing great difficulties. Know that your prayers and financial sacrifice are being used by God with the integrity and motivation of simple, pure love.

Also to note that through other gifts we have been able to secure the funds necessary to purchase the Nest land, and as restrictions are lifted we will by God's grace return to the BriBri to continue our focus. But for now, our monthly support is being put to good use, filling stomachs with food, hearts with love, and smiles on faces once streaked with tears. Thank you, be safe, and may God bless each one of you and your families.


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May 21, 2020

beautiful update, thank you for sharing! i have been praying for the bribri people during the craziness of this time, and i know the Lord hears my prayers & yours. i hope that you will be able to return soon to continue the vision God has put on your heart. much love & blessings to you <3

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