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While walking on the beach a couple of months ago Karina felt a spiritual prompting in concern for the upcoming school vacation and the BriBri kids. Typically a month off from school sees the children either bored and aimless or being put to work on the plantation with their parents. The idea Karina had was to host a children’s camp each Saturday in January.

So we prayed about it, things were put in motion, and our team flew into action.

Each Saturday at 8:00 in the morning we started with a soccer match at a nearby jungle soccer field, followed by an hour-long instruction lesson at the Nest. Each week featured a different teaching. We had a beekeeper come out and educate the kids about bees, and honey, and the next week a veterinarian arrived with games and lessons on how to take good care of our pets. This last week we had a team from San Jose come and do dance lessons and English classes with the kids. After each educational opportunity, we told the kids a Bible story and then fed them lunch.

The camps were a big success drawing anywhere from 50 to 80 kids each week, and they loved it, asking us to do it every Saturday. To see kids have fun and just be kids was such a blessing. Next weekend while hosting a big women’s conference at the Nest we will have the finale for the kids as well with prizes and lunch at the soccer field.

As you can tell we’ve been very busy, exhausted, and exhilarated at the same time. Those kids have so much energy! But to witness the blessing of having the Nest filled with kids is worth it all.

Finally, I wish to thank you all for your prayers as we do this work. The outreaches are an important tool in reaching the community but they require continued funds to keep on running. If you have a willing heart to help us out please consider clicking on our DONATE tab and watch with us what God can do as a team together we can have a positive impact on these precious kids. Thank you and God bless you.

With love and gratitude



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