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Follow through

I was recently watching a video talking about the importance of a golf swings “ follow through”. It indicated that where the ball ended up was mostly due to how well a follow through was swung by the guy ( or girl) with the club. I’m not sure exactly why I’m telling you this in this way because I’m actually a terrible golfer.. I lack the patience. Oh yeah. Follow through.

As some of you know we recently held a successful 3-day youth camp at the Nest. Some of the kids made a commitment to Christ and we definitely wanted to open up a space where we could follow through and walk alongside them in life. A day each week where we can be in a relaxed, open relationship with them. And so we have and we’re calling it “Saturdays at the Nest “

This came about as a follow-up to our youth camp, to walk through with our youth as new believers.

We are committed to run a discovery bible study with them every Saturday, to stimulate open conversations about our walk with Christ, in addition to watching the TV series about Jesus and his disciples called “ The Chosen “, and other healthy recreational activities like playing chess, soccer, dance etc.

We’re excited to open up a safe space for the community where children can come and find the meaning of Christ's love for them.

If you are able to donate to this vital ministry we ask for monthly support as it costs at least $100 per Saturday or $400 per month.

Before I wrap up this update I want to commend three individuals who recently came all the way down here to help out the Nest. Our good friend Kathy Grainger spent a whole month with us, working many hours a day with Karina in developing our short-term missions plans, our various staff job descriptions, among other important documents for the Nest as a corporation. We also welcomed a wonderful retired couple from Florida, Warren & Moreen Kyle, who arrived to help out where they could and along with them brought six full suitcases of donated tools for the Nest workers.

It’s such a blessing to have folks come down and invest their time and talents in the Nest. So if your thinking about it let us know. You are welcome.

With love and gratitude

James Beach.


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