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As Karina and I prepare for our move to Costa Rica we’ve experienced ourselves trying to crawl out of the sticky web of all our stuff. With a hope to live a simpler existence, we’ve slashed away at this web, selling our cars and motorcycle, giving away our plants, and selling off every stick of furniture to the point of sitting on the floor. But wait, I gotta sell the rug I’m sitting on too!!

It’s been a stark reminder that we are really are doing this thing. Answering this call of God on our lives, at the cost of the comforts and accumulation of the earthly comforts we’ve got accustomed to. It’s taken a bended knee in prayer and some negotiations to find the humility to accept that it must all go.

Through the process, we’ve found that our things are blessing others. Most of our furniture went to rehouse an older lady displaced due to the wildfires of this California fire season. Our car was providentially purchased by one of our Nest supporters, as well as all of the plants that Karina has so lovingly nurtured over the years.

But it’s not just the material things that have changed hands but the attitude of community. In gathering a little army of supporters and prayer partners we’ve come out of the isolation of ourselves. Seeing God work in the hearts of old and new friends we’ve been so blessed to gather together with others and share the visions and goals of seeing the Nest grow.

We know only a little about what living amongst the BriBri in Costa Rica will be like, but if we can experience the blessing of letting go of our life in California, we can also with great expectations trust in our God that a simpler and content life awaits us at our destination.

Ultimately our home is in heaven, and setting aside our attachments is necessary in order to make room for the imperishable riches that we get to store up for ourselves and await us in glory.


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