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Defining success?

How does one define success in a fundraising venture? Is it the dollars raised and the contacts made? Is it narrowed down to numbers on a spreadsheet page?

In the last two months, Karina and I have been on a 7 thousand mile road trip across the United States and Canada to update both new and old supporters of the cause and vision of the Nest mission. Just before we left Talamanca in May, our friends Julian & Amber gifted us with a little documentary film about the Nest which was mightily used as we have spoken with a handful of churches and dozens and dozens of folks over dinner or coffee to share with them the incredible progress and the many hurdles surmounted in our quest to be faithfully obedient to the calling on our lives to build and prepare the Nest for and with the BriBri community in Costa Rica.

We’ve heard and felt at a heart level the many lives that are intersecting with our own, prayed and laughed together, sharing meals and enjoying being in fellowship with others. We’ve sat in so many different homes, felt the warm welcome of strangers turned into new friendships and the powerful bond of the spirit with so many different walks of life.

We have been amazed at the identical union we all share with God's spirit no matter whom we’re with or where we are. That joy of unity is the most valuable and priceless gift that we have been left with as we finish off our trip and prepare to head back down to Costa Rica to take up the work again.

We are so very grateful for the welcome we received from so many, thankful for the financial gifts of some, and blessed by all as we’ve shared the burden of the work before us in bringing the Nest vision into a fruitful reality.

You know, it’s emotionally taxing to ask folks for financial support. Each time we repeat the reason and purpose of the Nest, our souls long to be in the jungle once again with our friends. I have grown more in love with the work as I’ve been given so many opportunities to share it, and I’m reminded of how dependent I am on God to empower and equip me and Karina to carry on this kingdom task set before us.

I look forward to updating you on all the happenings at the Nest from the jungle in the month ahead, see you all soon.

With love and gratitude

James beach


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