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Costa Rica February 2020!

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

The marathon is over and we’ve finally arrived at the YWAM base PV. We’re blessed to travel in an air-conditioned bus from San Jose, as it was possible to catch some zzz after our red-eye outta LAX.

Karina’s been busy planning all the moving parts for not only our stay here but the additional team members coming down to join us in a couple of weeks. Where to stay, eat, travel. What to see and do. All of it designed to give us a larger view of the work being done in and around the BriBri Reservation, so we can get a clearer sense of how the Nest will coexist with all the various team members and their individual talents.

Tonight at the team base, we’re surrounded by a large group of over a dozen young people who are here for a season of experiencing ministry and mission work. Their excitement is a wonderful reminder of God's readiness to send His love and compassion into all corners of the world, even the steep, deep jungles of Talamanca.


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