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Chocolate chickens

As I look around the Nest today I see a little village popping up in the jungle. We have the large Casona house and main meeting area with four bathrooms joining. There’s a wood shop, outdoor kitchen, and two completed shelter homes with a third one on the way. Crops of bananas, coffee, vanilla, and various fruit trees surround us on all sides.

On August 1st we break ground on our farm with a planned chicken coop for 200 chickens and a caretaker's house. We are well underway to meeting our future goal of being self-sufficient although we still have much work to do.

But it’s not just infrastructure projects that have been blessed by God, it’s the loads of children and people that we’ve reached this past year. Through our various conferences, day camps and youth retreats we’ve been able to touch over 420 lives with the love of the Gospel. And we want to triple that number in this coming year. We are growing ever closer to becoming a shelter for abused children through our continuing positive impact in the community.

Our staff now numbers 9 families and of course, we have an active team in the USA, moving behind the scenes to keep it all running.

Wow, the Nest is really a thriving body of people.

Those of you that have been on this journey from the start have a lot of praise to thank God for as your prayers and support are bearing fruit. In just under a week from now Karina & I are headed back to the States for our yearly fundraising trip. This time we come loaded down with chocolate. You heard that right, 20 kg of organic BriBri chocolate nips. Our fundraising scheme will be hosting eight chocolate parties where folks will come to make and pair chocolate bars with various goodies while we present the vision of the Nest to a broader audience. We’ll also be speaking to three churches and joining in a missions conference.

We have lifted up our financial goals to God and will be doing our part leaving the outcome up to Him in faith. Pray for us as we travel across the USA in this venture that we can recruit the ranks needed to see this project continue to grow.

Well, that’s it for now, I’ll be in touch out there on the road somewhere in the month to come. With love and gratitude James Beach


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Jul 18, 2023

Really enjoying your blogs…Gladys Foreman


Jul 18, 2023

What an exciting life adventure in the palm of His hand

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