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Bug bites & blessings

The other night in a gesture of intimate empathy Karina asked me to count her bug bites. At 27 bites, I quickly appreciated the depth she is willing to go through In assimilating to her new surroundings. It was one thing to sit in our air-conditioned home in California and see the pictures of the Nest project grow, quite another to submerge ourselves into the work here and watch the insect bites weld up into an itching frenzy. Poor thing, I seem to be immune to the bites, of which I presume is my Canadian blood not being tasty enough, or maybe it’s Karina’s sweetness that they can’t resist.

The thing is that we never read the “ dummies guide to missionary life 101” handbook, so much of our first couple months here have been of first-hand experience to the challenges of building a beach-head mission in a jungle. Forging relationships, trudging through jungle paths, crossing rivers, and trying to wrap our minds and hearts around the scope of the Nest vision. Add to that the inconvenience of an unreliable ministry vehicle that breaks down more than it runs, and the temptation is to let discouragement get the better of us.

But despite counting bug bites, we’re also counting all the blessings that God has heaped on us here. With the many friends who have come to our aid, who share the call with us, we’re never alone in any of our trials. Seeing the need for a Nest mission deepen all the more as we discover the sad truth of this custom of incest which darkens the hearts of men and shatters the hopes of the women and kids suffering this injustice. Our builder Chicho, who despite obstacles is moved along with us to pursue the goal and to keep on building the Nest site.

True, we are facing some of the enemies flaming arrows, but should we expect anything less? Should we shrink back in discouragement and tremble in fear? Never! For we know where our help comes from, we hear God's voice and feel the presence of His omnipotence on the work that He has entrusted with us to do. And we know that your prayers and support for us will not be in vain, but rather for His glory.

So with that truth, we apply the balm of the spirit over our minds and bug bites. We pull the mosquito screen about our beds and hearts, and with gracious expectations greet each new day with the anticipation for the next opportunity to surrender our will to the high Calling of following in the steps of Jesus and his love for all of us.

Please continue in your prayers for the indigenous BriBri government to accept our proposals, a donation for a stronger more reliable vehicle to aid in our work, and that the Bible studies and relationship building would yield a growing number of BriBri people to rally to the cause of The Nest and that of bringing the good news of the transformation of love into the hearts of many.

With love and gratitude



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