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Back in the flow

With a free first-class upgrade Karina & I drifted out of the cloud of fundraising and landed softly back on Costa Rican turf about 2 weeks ago. Eager to see the progress at The Nest and rekindle our relationship with our BriBri team, we’ve gotten totally back into the flow of our life down here. The Nest seems to be a place that time forgot as the peaceful environment continues its daily operations of planting, harvesting and building. The much-needed rain clouds deliver their bounty and all seems right with our little patch of jungle. Once again we navigate the complexities of team dynamics and hear of the ongoing youth outreaches, updates on projects and the general cohesion of the Nest crew.

Invigorated from our deputation travel we’re ready to launch our farm project and have already brought our first two chickens, a he & her which we’ve named Adam & Eve. This coming weekend we’ll also be planting the remaining one thousand vanilla plants and with tender care giving them a new home.

Through our fundraising endeavors, we’ve also begun to prepare ourselves to receive four short-term mission trips happening between now and March of 2024.

Although we were not able to raise all the funds we’d hope for, we can still operate our mission with what we have and continue to pray that in the near future, we can receive the funds needed to continue growing into the community with more outreach programs and conferences.

We are also going full steam ahead to reach out and spread the word that we are ready, willing, and able to accommodate our first children as a safe harbor from abuse.

We are acutely aware that we need to completely depend on God and your prayers as we transition into this most important of tasks. The Nest is growing up fast and now more than ever we need to walk in faith, believing that God has not only blessed us but also equipped us to carry out our mission. And so with each step of faith, I thank you for your continued prayer and support.

With love & gratitude

James Beach


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