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Back in the flow

It’s true, I was down and out when I arrived here as my last post reflected, but even in the shadows of reality there is contrast to behold. By faith great things are discovered. So as Karina and I took on the task of sweeping up and scrubbing down the base camp, refreshing insights and answered prayers have buoyed us to keep boldly stepping out in faith.

Yesterday began with a daunting list of big questions as we ventured back into the relationships left hanging by our pandemic absence. We arranged to meet with Gladys, the owner of the base camp property, her sister Maria who is the pastor and owner of the Nest property, and Chicho, the pastor and builder whom we had spoken with last year to be the primary contractor. He will go into the jungle site and subdue it just enough to put the structures up of a main large community house and the dozen or so family shelters that will house the women and children.

So that was the goal before us on this day. First we needed to pray, that we would not let the “ things” we wanted get in the way of the God who called us to ask for them. Secondly, we needed to not let the “ things” we wanted get in the way of the people to whom we were going to be asking. Thirdly, we needed to not let the “ things” we wanted get in the way of those for whom we came to serve, the BriBri people themselves.

Do you sense a theme here? So often I ask for things, good stuff like a builder to build a church, or for land to build the church on, or a base camp to house mission minded Christians, but if this work is of and for God’s purpose then it’s only logical that I need to see all these “things” from His point of view. And that’s not as easy as just writing it down or wanting it. I can’t hope to be blessed by asking for a gift then being so consumed by it ( wether I get it or not) that I forget the Giver or the reason I asked for it in the first place.

But the human heart is deceptive and even good intentions can twist themselves into bad outcomes. And so I pray, I ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate His Word, then confirm my choices with the spirit of other people who also pray, and together we commit the outcomes to God by faith and then live out the nuts and bolts of it from the heart of that place.

So, getting back to the story line here. Reaching all these people requires river crossings, dusty roads and drinking lots of water. Once we sit down with them, it becomes apparent in their smiles that our friendship has indeed survived the covid absence. But even more than that, these BriBri people have such a gentle, giving nature about them once a trust has been established. Thru the special grace given to my wife Karina and the way they love and accept her, we felt the warm welcome of a family happy to see us back among them.

So yesterday God answered all of our morning prayers. We have confirmed the builder, who’s first task is to go in and clear out the land of the undergrowth. Karina has laid claim on many trees which must not be touched, our name after all is “the Nest”, not the “ parking lot”.

We’ve also carefully and gratefully handed over the funds which YOU have raised in order to purchase the land for the Nest site. Now we’ll be asking for the financial gifts to put little houses on it next!

And lastly we have secured the Bambu base as a rental until the time God leads and provides for its purchase. Our primary focus for funds will remain the building of the Nest home to shelter the abused women and children, as the Bambu base can already begin to house mission teams who have a heart for this project.

One last thing from all this newsy news, before bed I took a hot shower and the lights and fans stayed on!

Both luxuries at the same time. I guess I can have my cake and eat it too.


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