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An unexpected gift

Hello family!

As some of you know, I was about to stop the work/construction of the Nest soon, because we were running out of funds. Actually yesterday I sent the remainder of the balance we had available in our account to Costa Rica... But not before praying.

I asked everyone on the Nest local team yesterday to pray, for new funds so we could continue construction and to keep the momentum.

And a check of $2500 was dropped at my doorstep TODAY! un-asked for and un-expected…

God is faithful!!!

The importance of building The Nest has grown into something I didn’t imagine…yes we are building a refuge for children (so I thought) but God is doing so much more and better. God is building hope, jobs (for many people), responsibility, ownership a sense of community, and fellowship.

Take a look at the people who spent the night at the Nest (Yes they actually slept there) last night… working, eating, sleeping, praying 🏽 the pictures will tell you the story…

And as always God is teaching me and touching the team and myself in ways that only His Love can do.

Praise God!



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