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A beautiful work of art.

I quickly knew when Janet and I visited a foster home in Limón Costa Rica made of concrete walls and iron bars on the windows, that God wanted me to create a different way for the indigenous BriBri children to live. In an environment less institutional and more peaceful, a place that looked like their own homes. When we started talking about the construction of the Nest homes, I had no doubts that we needed to build naturally, like the native houses of many of the children we visited deep inside the mountains. I did not know that the art of thatching (that’s what it’s called) was in danger of extinction at the time, and that the people who did this type of work (mostly women) were no longer needed.

I look at this picture and imagine what it will be like to see it in person… and I get excited to witness how my Heavenly Father is thinking about everything! He hasn’t forgotten anybody, not even the old ladies “the artists” that are the only ones that possess the skill to build it. Now I can’t wait to start working and I’m committing to creating workshops and training for the younger generation to learn how to make thatch roofs so this beautiful art doesn’t go into extinction. Gratefully, Karina Beach


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Aug 11, 2021

That is an awesome gift of tradition

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