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Twig people

I’m thinking about how birds painstakingly build their nests. One little twig at a time. They find just the right spot, furnish it with carefully chosen twigs and things and prepare a home for their young ones. In many many ways, that’s what we’re doing down here at the Nest. From the building to the farming we’re preparing a home for the children we know God is going to entrust to us when the right season comes to fruition. We’re busy little bees with our friends here creating a lovely little place for the caring and nurturing of God's precious but wounded kids.

On Sunday Karina went on a day excursion with the Nest's three gardener ladies, shopping for new crops and flowers for the landscaping of the Nest. What it really was, was a day to love on and develop relationships with the ladies, giving them a fun day together away from all the work. They were so grateful and felt cared for, and it was a blessing for Karina to share it with them.

The next day I took our builders on a road trip up towards San Jose to shop for more industrial-size tools, for them to be able to more efficiently handle all the building they have in front of them. I felt helpful in helping them help themselves to more helpful tools. That’s a lot of help! Even though we couldn’t bond through conversation in Spanish nor English, there is an experience shared when a bunch of guys walk into a hardware store together.

Yes, the work at the Nest feels like a lot of manual labor these days but we are very much cognizant that we are caring for our relationships with the BriBri in the everyday tasks which we find ourselves doing. We pray each morning to be empty of ourselves and filled with the Holy Spirit, that what we do and say would flow from Him and the love He has for others through us. It’s a joy to share our joy with them.

Two weeks ago we had 80 women and children here for an outreach and poured the gospel into their receptive hearts. What an awesome time we had with our team from here and the ones from the States laboring together as one body for the BriBri.

Also this week I’ll be restarting my twice-weekly Bible studies at the Teen Challenge recovery houses for about 30 men, which is where we attend church each Sunday.

So life carries on, we keep each and every one of you in a special place in our hearts and prayers. Thank you for your continued support of prayers, finances, and friendship.

With love and gratitude

James Beach


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