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The Hill

Everyone who’s ever been up to the Nest will tell you it leaves them absolutely breathless. That’s because they just had to climb The Hill. You see, where the Nest is located you pretty much have to climb to it from any direction. Personally, I’ve climbed the Hill a bachillion times, I’ve almost lost count.

Up under the towering banana trees, on mud and rock I’m guided toward the crescent It’s even got a false summit like Mount Everest.

Now I’m exaggerating.

But seriously besides my own aches and breathlessness, I’ve witnessed so many different people drudging up that hill. From bribri grandmas, kids of all sorts and teams of teen challenge men redeemed from addiction, singing with smiles as they lug up wood and concrete to build the Nest. I’ve also seen the keen eyes and open hearts of short-term mission groups, aided by angels to make the climb.

As I swipe the sweat from my eyes I take a deep breath of the jungle. I look around, down the hill and thank God that the climb was worth it. It was hard for me to break away from my old life as some of you know. The act of Faith was difficult for me. But He calms my fears and renews my strength. God loves me and wants me to grow so He gave me a hill to climb.

But this mission we call the Nest is not just a place on top of a hill, it’s a living vision that challenges me along with many others to believe in faith that God is near to the broken-hearted. And near to God is a great place to be, whether I’m at the top or the bottom of the hill.

With love & gratitude

James Beach


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