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Time and time again the intertwining story of The Nest is one of God's providence and provision. We often cast a prayer forward only to find it lands on soil that He has already prepared beforehand. Be that material needs, finances, people, places, circumstances, and even the weather. It’s such an encouraging confirmation and a testament to His abiding love for us. And through the ups and downs, the bumps and bruises, there is a hope that is divinely appointed in our hearts that keeps the Nest moving forward.

These reflections were evident in the most recent mission trip we just finished hosting. We welcomed some old friends of the Nest from the States to join the team here in Costa Rica for a leadership conference and a time to celebrate our four years of doing ministry with the BriBri. We are so grateful for the investment of time, spiritual insight and emotional healing that being together under one shared vision brings to The Nest. We renewed our focus and dependence on God's grace and wisdom, not only within ourselves, and our team, but also for the maturing of the vision as we draw closer to seeing the Nest become a home for BriBri children escaping sexual abuse.

If I may use the metaphor of a child for the Nest, then we are barely a toddler, learning to walk, wide-eyed in wonderment at what the future may bring. We depend on your prayers and generosity to enable us to stay true to our calling and to see us grow into a thriving light in a dark place, illuminating with love the message that God is here to transform lives and to make all things new.

We look forward to updating you with all the latest developments in the very near future.

Happy Thanksgiving.

With love and gratitude,

James Beach


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