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A mid-air heart transplant

It was somewhere between Florida and Atlanta, GA at about 30,000 feet that my heart underwent its surgery. In the cloudy stratosphere of my mind, my thoughts considered all that God has done for and through me in these last 3 months of furlough.

I see the faces of our many good friends and support team members, both new and old. I cherish the memories of standing on church stages with Karina and sharing our hearts for the Nest vision which God has blessed our life with. In the last 3 months, we’ve also managed to sneak in a little downtime to rest and recuperate in our home in Florida.

Now as the sun breaks through the clouds I turn my heart and attention once again to the service of the BriBri, resting in the encouragement that those whom God calls He also equips for the work at hand. Building relationships, sharing life together, raising houses, and reaching children in need of hope.

Both of these homes exist within my one heart. As God pumps His life-giving grace through it, I can live in the truth that He is ever behind, before, and with me now. And that is a blessed assurance.

See you on the ground soon. God bless.

With love and gratitude

James Beach


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